4 June 2015


"This time baby, I'll be bulletproof"
(Lyrics from the song "Bulletproof", written by Elly Jackson, Benedict Langmaid, Ben Langmaid, Eleanor Jackson )

Oh, I'd love to be bulletproof. Just like all those heroes that I have read about in the past. Shots bouncing off me like Superman, the Man of Steel. Clad in armour like Iron Man. Crashing through walls like The Thing. Nothing could phase me. Nothing would stop me.

But I know I'm not. I know from self-analysis that I am quite a sensitive person. That's how God has made me. OK, so that can have its good points. For example, I'm pretty good at the whole empathising bit with people. However, this does tend to make me highly vulnerable. I have to watch this... because I know I am not bulletproof. It makes me think twice - that strong instinct of self-preservation.

I'm coming around to a slightly different way of thinking in recent months. Perhaps I don't need to be bulletproof. 

Sure, I may have to leave myself open to a few of these figurative 'bullets' - but why should I automatically think of that first? I could also make a lot of difference in the lives of others.

Failure is not my only option - what if I succeeded?

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