15 April 2015

Just Say - Yes

I've been thinking quite a bit this week about last Sunday's message at the Hall. We were looking at Philippians 2:5-13, and exploring why we should be saying 'yes' to God. The scripture passage can be found here.

The fact that we can even debate the matter, speaks of something about God. He does not demand blind obedience - He allows us freedom of choice. He doesn't want us as slaves.

Who does Jesus call? Why, ordinary people like you and me. He can use you, and God has a unique and special plan for each of our lives. Each of us has our own unique talents that God asks us to share with others. God values all of these. And God will not ask anything of us that we are not capable of doing.

Perhaps it won't be an easy path - I am reminded of the many who have suffered and died for their faith. For example, Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu could have lived a very rewarding and fairly comfortable life in a convent, but at the age of 36 God asked her to consider another path, which led her to work with the “poorest of the poor” in India. He didn't command her to go there, but He asked and she said yes. It was hard work - she had very little support and, even while she tried to feed and help the poorest of the poor, she herself was constantly hungry and even had to beg for food. However, she persevered - and now everyone is aware of the legacy of the nun we now know as Mother Teresa.

Now, obviously, we aren't all called to do to heroic things like Mother Teresa, nor to give up our lives like the martyrs. Like I said, He doesn't promise an easy ride. He never tells us that it won't be risky. There will be things you'll have to give up, to leave behind.

What will your answer be?

We could say "no".
We could say "let me think about it and I'll get back to you".
We could say "sorry, I'm a bit too busy now, perhaps later".
We could say "I’d rather do something a bit easier".

But the answer He wants to hear ... is "yes".

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