17 April 2015

Distractions - part one

  • The new Star Wars trailer?
  • The latest posts on Facebook?
  • News from the ongoing election campaign?
  • Football gossip?
  • The amazingly beautiful weather today?
How many of these distracted me from my working day today? Only two - I'll let you guess which two...

I get distracted countless times every day. The phone rings and shatters my train of thought. It's worse if it's the mobile. Or I get a text and have to just check to see if it's urgent. I have to research an idea on the internet and end up checking Facebook because the browser is open... People break into your working day and ask you questions, sidetracking you from the task at hand. And then it's time to go home, and you have to run otherwise you'll miss your train...

Regaining concentration after a series of distractions can take a while.

I've been trying to apply a few ways of minimising distractions in my day. I'll report back on this next week.

Once I just take this phone call....

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