19 February 2015

Knowing When To Smile

I have been encouraged by two separate emails today to spread happiness to others by smiling.

Yes, I am well aware of the awesome power of a smile in the right environment. However, if I start grinning at everybody here and now (I'm writing this on the commuter train to London Cannon Street, very few smiles here) then I may get some weird looks!

So, it's as much gauging that someone needs a smile and that it's appropriate to give it as the actual delivery.

It's right that I should be encouraged to smile. Regardless of the kind of day I am having, the person I am talking to may have more need of it. They may need its energy to see them through a difficult task. It could lift someone up enough to totally change their day!

So, my goal today is to try and spread energy through smiling as often as I can! The aim: that it will ignite other people's own smiles along with the positive energy that comes along with it!

We’re going to fill, fill, fill the world with glory;
We’re going to smile, smile, smile and not frown;
We’re going to sing, sing, sing the gospel story;
We’re going to turn the world upside down.
(SASB 801, chorus)

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