7 November 2014

The Danger Of Maybe...

I know. I can be very bad at "no".

And that can be a problem. It's a lesson I've had to learn the hard way. I want to be out there making a difference in the world, but I can't do everything.

So I've had to upset some people recently by learning how to give some things up. It's been painful. But I know it's starting to work. I've regained some precious "me time" in my schedule.

However, it doesn't make some things any easier. There's still a whole plethora of people out there who are pleading with me to say yes to them.

  • Just one extra job.
  • Just do it this once.
  • Just for a little while.

I've been listening to a podcast on this very subject today. It was all about how to filter these requests more effectively. This revealed to me that there are a few words in my vocabulary that I need to use with care. They're dangerous words. Words which I must learn to avoid if I want to stay on track, if I want to ring-fence my free time.

Words like "maybe".

Sure, the word comes a bit easier off the tongue than "no". Other words are available, like "perhaps", or "possibly".

The problem - these words are closer to no when you use them, but closer to yes when you hear them.

So, the listener never hears the "maybe". They hear "yes". And therefore they keep on and on at you.

Folks, don’t use "maybe" when in fact you mean "no".

It will make your "yes" even more effective.

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