19 November 2014

Attack Of The Killer Commitments

Sounds like a really unorthodox 1950's science fiction B-movie? Yep, it sure does to me. But living it, well that's a bit scary.

At the moment there's so much going on in my life that it all seems to be happening at once. And then it begins...

Do you know what it's like when some of your commitments 'attack you' -  those jobs that are started and yet remain unfinished; those promises to help other people but you haven't got around to yet; unexpected crises; even mundane household chores that end up at the bottom of a very long list.

Sometimes they all gang up on you at once, scrambling for attention. Sometimes they attack you one at a time, like baddies in one of those cheap kung fu flicks. One after another they come, raining blows on my poor head. But each blow hurts.

I've even had one or two 'completed tasks' have a go at me today! Trying to trick me, to convince me that I hadn't done them, in an attempt to make me feel guilty!

And I thank God for His gentle patience with me at this time. He's there for me. He helps me rebuild my defences. He helps me replenish my precious energy, running low as I run short of precious 'me time'...

He helps me deal with the things I have to do, and gently reminds me that it's OK to say 'no' once in a while. I'm recently had to let one of my bigger commitments go. And it's been painful to let go. But I did it. 

My Heavenly Father knows I am capable. I can sort it out, and know that I can win through.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Colin,

Glad to see you found the strength to say 'No'.

I'm having to say 'No' to certain people in my life too.

It's hard, but somwtimes it's the right thing to do.


The Artful Dodger