30 August 2014


Over the summer break, the Corps leadership started on a series of studies about the parables of Jesus. The first was the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30). The study certainly sparked a thought or two in my mind! Read the passage here.

In fact, the sums mentioned here were of a staggering amount - a 'talent' is the equivalent of the sum a man could make in over 20 years of work. However, it's soon clear that Jesus is not talking about money - and it is this interpretation which seems to be the origin of the word 'talent' used for an aptitude or skill.

I've spent some time since that meeting considering the servant who had only one 'talent'... In this parable, this servant didn't do anything - instead, he simply buried the money, keeping it safe from robbers but not using it to its full potential. This may seem strange to a 21st Century audience, however burying treasure was commonplace at the time.

The point is, although this servant was afraid to lose the master's money, he was also too afraid to take a risk. Instead, he looked after himself - burying his 'talent' so as not to lose it.

I'm aware of this teaching as being an encouragement to Jesus' followers to use their gifts in the service of God. The Lord wants us to use this, to multiply what He has given us.

However, if we don't share our gifts, if that 'talent' is buried, unused - the Gospel is not shared. It is simply wasted opportunity. Faithfulness is what Jesus requires of us - and all who are faithful will be fruitful in some way. And our eventual reward will be based on that faithfulness, and not results.

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Anonymous said...


Sometimes people are paralysed into motionlessness by factors we cannot know of.

Perhaps we should pray for the release they need from such chains and maybe their talents will flow and multiply.

Good Wishes,

The Artful Dodger.