27 August 2014

August Anger

It was very early in the month of August. And I sat and watched the fight unfold before my eyes. A group of four Christians, in reality people that I know pretty well, were squabbling over what was, in hindsight, a minor detail.

Things got heated incredibly quickly - voices and tempers were raised. I wasn't personally involved - but I felt every verbal blow acutely. I felt the pain, even from a distance of thirty feet away.

Some weeks have passed since that event and I still have trouble getting that image out of my mind. However, I've used that as a prompt. Throughout that period I've prayed into it; for the individuals involved. I have even spoken to the injured party, who thought nothing of it. He had simply shrugged off the injury. I couldn't.

I know I am sensitive to that sort of thing. That's how God made me. I am beginning to accept that - and am ready to see where that leads me.

The first place it has led me in back to my knees. Because in 2 Timothy 4:5, Paul told Timothy to be cool, calm and collected - and to keep going. Read it here.

There's also a choice involved. You can be bitter - or you can be better.

Being better means praying for those who hurt you, abuse you. Forgiving them; being a blessing to them. I've read a lot about forgiveness in the past month, too.

Forgive 'em. Leave the rest to God. He'll take care of it.

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