15 July 2014

Getting Better At Listening - part one

I used to think that I was quite a good listener - however, after some prayerful reflection I discovered that I am a bit rusty and desperately need more practice. This is something I need to get better at - I have some great opportunities to brush up these skills in the next few weeks...

Listening is a particular skill - taking on board another's point of view takes time, energy and effort. Poor listening may indicate where the problem may lie - are we simply too impatient? Too selfish? Too distracted? Too tired?

It takes practice to listen for those cues that indicate the most important points that the person wants to get across. You need to listen for repetition, special emphasis, all those things that help underline the main points.

And then you need to listen to those things that are 'unspoken' - the use of a particular set of words, an unusual emphasis - that help us detect a message beneath what is actually being said. Reading between the lines.

More later ...

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