17 June 2014


(tāl′spĭn′) noun:
1.The rapid descent of an aircraft in a steep, spiral spin.
2. Informal A loss of emotional control sometimes resulting in emotional collapse.

Have you ever got yourself into such a state that life just seems to get progressively worse and worse? I've heard it called an emotional tailspin. Spiralling down, out of control, just like the planes you see in the films. A crash seems inevitable. Not good.

I'm afraid I've had this experience from time to time, so I know what I'm talking about. But I now have the answer. I know now that disaster can be avoided - I can pull out of such a 'tailspin'!

I need to start to think. Think, rather than feel.

Get one too many negative in any given day, and it's like an emotional traffic jam has occurred. I try and come to terms with each thing, but it becomes simply too much. Emotions start to overwhelm me - anger, confusion, negativity. It drains me physically. I start shutting down; I begin to switch off emotionally. If I can't remove myself from this I know that I'll begin to spiral out of control. And going home isn't an option most of the time...

It's terribly hard for me to do anything when I start to enter a tailspin. With each new challenge that comes along, I run a greater risk of 'losing it'.

Tailspins don't stop by themselves; it needs concerted effort from the pilot to pull the plane out of a spin. I need to take time out; re-centre myself. I need time to call on my Lord to centre my mind. He needs to take control of the 'plane' for a while. He needs to press reset on my emotions. He needs to clear my mind to allow myself to think clearly.

I read the other day about a bumper sticker that said "If God Is Your Co-Pilot, Switch Seats"... yes, understood.

More later....

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