19 November 2013

... And It Exploded!

[Fred tries to digitise the creature - with disastrous results]
Jason Nesmith: What? What was that?
Alexander Dane: Uh, nothing.
Jason Nesmith: I heard some squealing or something.
Gwen DeMarco: Oh, no. Everything's fine.
Teb: But the animal is inside out.
Jason Nesmith: I heard that! It turned inside out?

[the creature explodes]
Teb: And it exploded.
(dialogue from 'Galaxy Quest')

Ever had one of those weeks where things just seem to go from bad to worse ... and then, somehow, even worse...?

Yep. Been there. And I know a few people close to me that know that experience, too. It's tough when it happens. Just one darn thing after another, after another. And then, just to cap it all, there's that one final event. The 'straw that breaks the camel's back'. Or, if you tend to look at things through the lens of science fiction, suddenly things just start to explode.

How can you carry on after that? It all seems hopeless. To all intents and purposes, all is lost.

Not so. That's a lie. Because you are now standing right in the middle of God's territory. In the midst of the impossible situation. God can still do something. Indeed, He loves to do something in such circumstances.

Trust Him; draw deeply from your resources of faith. Even if it looks hopeless. Even if the situation just 'exploded' right in front of you. Trust God and keep on fighting; never lose hope.

Luke 1:37 (CEV)
"Nothing is impossible for God!"

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