31 August 2013

The Eighth Doctor

The Eighth Doctor made his debut in the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie, the first time the Doctor had been on our screens (apart from re-runs) since 1989. At the helm was Sylvester McCoy, who regenerated into Paul McGann in an early scene. 

Intended as a pilot movie by the Fox Network in the States, the movie didn't draw enough Nielsen ratings to warrant a TV series. However, it was well received in the rest of the world, with the Eighth Doctor's adventures featured in novels, comic strips, and audio plays from Big Finish Productions. 

McGann's Doctor encouraged those around him - he enjoyed giving people a hint of their own futures, perhaps steering them  into making the right decisions. The audio plays (voiced by McGann) built upon his sole screen appearance, although indicating a much darker personality. He also seems to be very forgetful - perhaps inspired by the plot of his television appearance.

The audio plays and books continued to develop the character until the TV series was successfully revived in 2005 - when Christopher Ecclestone took over the role as the Doctor...

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