10 April 2013

May Her Soul Rest In Peace

The news of the passing of Baroness Thatcher has filled the newspapers and news bulletins for the last 48 hours. Journalists have clearly gone overboard with their coverage. And why not? We may never see anyone quite like her again in our lifetime...

Reaction to the news amongst my friends and colleagues has been ... mixed. There have been some quite nasty comments made, a couple of tender tributes. However I could have easily predicted who would say what.

What do I think? Firstly, I note that compassion for the family and friends of Margaret seems sorely lacking. Surely it would not hurt to mourn for just a little while?

Secondly, I recognise the passing of a great leader. I think she would have had the toughest job in the entire world at that time. I don't agree with her politics and some of the decisions that she made but I covet her drive and ability to handle tough situations.

I can't help but dwell for a while to consider the 'real Margaret'. The one behind the Iron Lady image, so carefully crafted to portray her to the world as a formidable leader and statesman. The wife and mother that was present behind the persona of Britain's first female prime minister. The one who cried over some of the decisions she had to make.

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