30 August 2012

Trust Your Intuition? - part one

OK, then. Your emotions aren't to be relied upon. But what of other feelings? Do you think that some people possess an innate form of intuition? Perhaps a sort of natural Spider Sense?

Let's just explain what I mean by that. I'm not talking about super powers! But I am talking from experience. Some say that it's your inner self picking up subtle non-verbal cues and creating feelings of assurance or unease to guide or warn you. One psychologist I read recently said this is a survival mechanism hard-wired into all of us that is trustworthy. Others have been telling me this is something that comes naturally, but only to certain personality types (especially mine - I'm an INFJ). Others simply stray off into the supernatural realm and call this sort of thing ESP!

As I mentioned before, I admit that I've had experience of this and it can be very off-putting. Like when you are in the middle of a situation and that familiar but irritating feeling sounds off, warning you (sometimes screaming at you!) not to trust a certain individual. Or times when I'm in an uncomfortable situation and my whole being keeps telling me to run away. But should I trust this instinct? Ignore it? Or, as a Christian, to use this as a cue to seek prayer support about it?

Feedback is welcomed - part two on this topic is already in draft and is to follow...

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