28 August 2012

Burning Your Bridges

(The title of this blog entry is based on a military tactic of burning a bridge you have just crossed to prevent the enemy from crossing it after you)

Ever feel just like getting up and running away? Sure you have. But what about never coming back?

Yep, I can identify with that. Although moving to something new is inherently scary, once I've made my move I must admit I couldn't ever consider retracing my steps to turn back. And it's such a strong sentiment; it must be profoundly deep within me - because I reacted so strongly when my thoughts brought this little gem to the surface.

For example, I can't ever comprehend how someone could ever leave their job and then return to work there, some months or years later. The very idea of it seems so wrong to me.

I had just finished drafting together a blog entry about this very subject - when my wife and I went along to the Corps Bible Study Group. Last week's study was on the story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32). During the evening the group was challenged to consider where we are in relation to this passage.

Mmm... I guess that if I was the younger son - I guess that I'd still be stuck in that pig pen. Unable to even consider turning back. Having burnt my bridges...

Oops. Need to unpack this a bit more, I think.

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