5 September 2010

Nothing's Gonna Bring Me Down

"I'm out and about, so I'm in with a shout
I got a fair bit of chat but better than that
Food in my belly and a licence for my telly
And nothing's going to bring me down..."
(lyrics from Pencil Full Of Lead, written by Paolo Nutini and Paolo Giovanni)

It's been a mixed weekend, lots of ups and downs ever since Thursday night and there's a fairly high probability that we may be entering a prolonged period of chaos over the next few weeks as September has always been fraught with challenges. Since Thursday night I've personally seen and experienced the following:

On the minus side: multiple bouts of sickness, aches and pains, a series of disappointments and discouragements; accusations and arguments; even a death (the children's hamster died this morning). 

On the plus side there has been encouraging signs from earlier requests for new workers at the corps; long-standing prayers that are being answered; plans which now appear to have started to show fruit; great results from Saturday's standing day despite several setbacks; awesome possibilities for future service. There's even been a chance to take part in a penalty shootout with a giant football in a car park (!)...  

The lyrics of the song mentioned above are particularly apt (the song was playing in the car today) - despite all the negatives, I need to remember that I need to regularly count my blessings, as I know that if I don't there is a good chance that the negatives in my life may try and overwhelm the positive.

God is good. All the time.

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