13 September 2010


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I've had such a great weekend. God has really blessed me - and is still blessing me as I am writing this. However, there's still some things I need to get to grips with. For example, the one thing that I really need at this moment to get a bit of bottle.

'Bottle' in colloquial British usage is used as a popular synonym for courage. It refers to one's capacity to cope with demanding or difficult situations. You said that you need to get some bottle in order to do something unpleasant or tricky. When you 'lose your bottle' and decide to give up, you are said to have 'bottle'd out'.

You will have probably realised that I am not adverse to trying new things, but sometimes there are times where the circumstances simply stop me dead in my tracks. After some thought I find it's not the new things that give me pause - I am keen to embrace them - but I find it's the old things. Little feelings of dread and despondency, confidence-shaking situations which tell me I'm not going to succeed, that things are going to go badly.

Paul spoke of a 'thorn in his side'. Perhaps that is mine...

As I have said before, this weekend has been a very positive one, with many highlights and some tremendous answers to prayer. Despite this, there have been lots of times when the 'old nature' seems to kick in. Standing firm and holding on in this particular aspect of my life is very difficult.

I just need a bit of bottle to deal with this, and all will be well... prayer support is welcomed.

"Courage brother, do not stumble,
though thy path be dark as night:
There is a star to guide the humble,
Trust in God, and do the right.
Let the road be dark and dreary
and its end far out of sight.
Face it bravely, strong or weary.
Trust in God, and do the right."

SASB 716 (Norman Macleod)

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