3 August 2009

C is for Columbo (just one more thing...)

Imagine the whole idea of a detective show turned on its head - in almost every episode you know 'who did it' at the very start of the show. The show would then centre on how the murderer would finally be exposed and arrested by the detective.

The character of Lieutenant Columbo first appeared in 1960, but it was as part of the 'NBC Mystery Movie' series in 1968 that the character caught the public imagination, with a superb performance by Peter Falk. Columbo's rather scruffy appearance and absent-mindedness hide an excellent eye for detail and a meticulous and committed approach to his work which always succeeds. This show is one of my personal favourites.

Oh yes, and to answer the eternal question - yes, Columbo does have a first name - it is "Lieutenant".

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Colin Machan said...

Peter Falk passed away on Thursday 23rd June 2011, aged 83. Condolences to the family.