21 March 2009

Never Be The Same Again!

It's been quite interesting looking back this week on the various topics that people have been talking or blogging about this week. All are to do with change, and people's positive or negative reactions to it. Just think of the following:
  • The introduction of new Facebook profiles
  • The introduction of Google's new StreetView image service
  • All the discussion over new scoring in this year's Formula One championship
You can probably add to this list. It seems there are some who like changes, who quickly adapt. Then there are those who don't, who struggle with new systems and methods, who voice their concerns and opinions widely.
Change, however, is an essential part of life and one that we need to embrace. One of my favourite songs is Mel C's 'Never Be The Same Again', a love song speaking of taking the next step in a relationship. It's a bold change, involving stepping out of your comfort zone, possibly into an uncertain future.
"When I came to him Christ came to me,
Showed me what he planned that I should be;
I was liberated there and then,
O I’ll never be the same again!"
SASB 376 - John Gowans

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