7 June 2018

Rather Sad, Really

I stopped off on the way home from work tonight to buy a cable for the computer at home. I searched through the many accessories they had at the big superstore; regretfully they didn't have just what I needed.

The shop that did have what I wanted was the adjacent Maplin store - which was due to be shut down in ten days time as the store was now in liquidation. And this was despite the fact that the shop had been decimated in anticipation of its coming closure. I could still pull exactly when I needed off the shelf.

I was happy to get what I wanted, however overwhelmingly saddened when I realised that this was probably the last time I could shop at this store.

I felt really bad as I handed the money over to the guy on the till. A guy who would soon be out of work.

The whole thing was rather sad, really. I'm still feeling quite down about the whole experience.

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