30 April 2018

Emotional Roller-Coaster

Boy, what a weekend!

Since leaving work on Friday, here is a list of  pretty much everything that happened since then. It's Monday morning when I draft this and I'm feeling emotionally drained... these are the events in alphabetical order, not order of occurrence...
  • A night out with my Street Pastors team, and the corresponding lack of sleep
  • Avengers: Infinity War (if you've seen the film, you'll understand...)
  • Being turned away from my favourite restaurant as the girl said the kitchen staff simply couldn't cope with the backlog of orders. And where did we end up? … see below
  • Doing the paperwork in preparation of our church administration meeting - which then had to be rearranged 
  • Having the cinema projector break down after ten minutes of Infinity War starting. There was a further ten minute delay while they fixed it. And they restarted it again from the beginning, making a very long film - even longer!
  • Purchasing the most expensive meal of burgers and fries that I had ever ordered! (this was where we ended up after not getting into my first choice of restaurant…) And I can't say I could taste the difference in the price. In fact, the fries simply weren't that good… not going there again!
  • Sickness in the house - at one stage, thinking we might need an ambulance, then relief that it wasn't necessary, and then caring for the individual until they felt better. Was that food poisoning from the above restaurant? Not sure...
  • Sorting out a current account at my bank for my youngest as she starts work
  • The partial demolition of a local power station, less than a mile away. By explosion. At 11pm on a Saturday night!
  • Waiting for a promised call from a double glazing company, which never arrived...
I've cut the usual weekly activities out, this is just what I did on top of 'business as usual'. I need a holiday... or a less eventful weekend!

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