15 March 2015

Fire Extinguishers

(I had a blog entry ready to go for publication tonight - but I've pushed it back to next week. Something I experienced this morning bumped it completely off my agenda!)

I had written some notes in my notebook from the Chubb fire extinguisher training that I went to on Friday. These notes were at the top of the page of my notebook as I went into today's prayer meeting at the Corps. The words whirled inside my head as I prayed. And then, something happened.
  • I realised that our churches need to be properly equipped to face the challenges of each day. So, they need to have the extinguishers that sit in our buildings. Some of these items of equipment are multipurpose, some perform one specialist task. All are needed. Every one of them. Just like each one of us who make up the membership of the church.
  • The extinguishers need to be checked regularly (at least once a week, said the man from Chubb) to ensure they are at peak efficiency. So do we. If we are low on pressure, we need to do something about it, to fix it. Unlike the extinguishers, we can (and should) check ourselves.
  • And just like the extinguishers, we should realise that we are fulfilling a vital need just by being there, ready to serve. We don't get rid of the extinguishers just because they aren't used. They are doing an essential job just by standing ready.

What was God telling me today, through this? I felt surrounded by His love. It was truly awesome.

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