5 June 2013

A Soft Spot

The TV show affected me greatly. It hit me in a soft spot. I was a puddle on the floor.

It wasn't even a particularly graphic show. It was just the subject matter (human trafficking) that got right to me. It was just a little too much for me to bear this late on a Sunday night. it had been a busy day. My wife was there to pick the pieces up; I was just there trying to understand what particular buttons had been pressed to make me feel this way...

I still kept watching. 
Because there was something there I needed to respond to.

Except I am moved with compassion, 
How dwelleth thy Spirit in me? 
In word and in deed 
Burning love is my need; 
I now know I can find it in thee. 
(chorus to 'The Saviour of Men' - SASB 527 - written by General Albert Orsborn)

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