12 January 2013

Telling The Truth

Why is there such a broad gap in some people's lives between 'telling the truth' and admitting that you've told a lie? I've encountered this in my life in recent weeks and even though I have studied this topic in some detail before, there's seems to be so much more that the Lord wants to show me on the subject!! Because this one doesn't want to go away at the moment...

There seems to be an awful reluctance in people's lives to tell a downright lie. Something ingrained from childhood, perhaps... However, bending the truth - exaggerating one aspect, omitting another - seems to be more acceptable. Half-truths, they call them. Sounds better than lies, doesn't it? And seems to be quite commonplace, it would seem. The challenge is, of course, to do better. To maintain a degree of integrity in your own life. 

It can be tough. I remember times in my life when I was even encouraged to lie, by my elders and betters. I'm ashamed to even recall it. Nowadays I have a very well developed conscience that keeps me awake at night for the slightest mishap or misdemenour that I have let slip in a moment of weakness. I do better - but I'm not there yet.

However, as I always say, "no good deed goes unpunished". There are times when I lose sleep when I have told the truth, when I know that I have done the right thing. I'm up and about, questioning my own motives. My friends and family may even put doubts in my mind. (sigh)

The Lord reminded me today (again!) that we battle against a foe who deals in lies and half-truths. And that this foe is someone who just loves to regroup and attack you again on another front. Yep, I can testify to that. Even that day last week when I spent in bed feeling ill - I ended up feeling guilty for the work that I was missing back at the office! How weird is that?

I'm encouraged today in my studies to keep 'seeking after truth' - something that I always try to do - but to go that little bit further. Just because what you read something that contains a little bit of truth, doesn't mean that the whole thing is true... it might only be a 'half-truth'. Keep searching - keep testing - keep growing.

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