4 June 2012

Pushing The Boundaries

It's interesting to read about people stepping outside their comfort zones, or pushing their boundaries to see what happens. Because I've tried it. In fact, I've been trying it for a while now.

In some areas of my life, the whole process can be long, slow and arduous. Scary, even. Fighting strongholds of fear, steadily building up confidence, dealing with minor setbacks which often look like major mountains to climb. Sometimes it feels like I'm simply not winning - it's often a case of not losing ground, not letting myself slide back. It's most challenging, and hard work: no fun at all!

However, it's not always like that. In some other areas of life, you try something new and wow! This is so easy. I can do this. It seems to be second nature; as if I am born to do it.

I'll still endeavour to push through on the difficult areas; but, should I also be trying to understand my obvious 'gifting' in the easy areas?

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