16 April 2012

Identity Checks

This weekend's trip to the ROOTS Conference has proved eye-opening in more ways that one. You see, it was... so different! I wasn't going as a steward this time but as an exhibitor. Normally I drive all the way to Southport; however this year the trip was in Edinburgh, and I was fortunate enough to be given a chance to fly up to the venue. I haven't flown in over a decade...

What tight security! Every aspect of what I had brought with me was scrutinised, and me along with it.

And then there were the identity checks. I needed to prove my very existence, to prove that I was the person I said I was. Could I do so?

The whole issue of 'identity' was therefore in the forefront of my mind all weekend. Who am I? What is my purpose? Am I true to what I say I am? And can I prove it, if challenged to?

The weekend was great (if a little chilly) - but I come away from the weekend better equipped and with a new challenge. To establish and maintain that integrity and to ensure I live a lifestyle to match.

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