12 May 2009

Half empty or half full?

I've been thinking lately (always a bad move) - is the glass half empty or half full? The idiom recognises that perception is unique to every individual. You see, for most of my life I've been a glass half full person, always playing the optimist. Perhaps unrealistically so. However, looking back on some of my recent blog entries, I think I've noticed a trend - am I turning into a 'glass half empty' person?

Hmmm - perhaps I've got to work on my attitudes a bit... or am I just turning into a grumpy old man?


Colin M said...

It's seems to me after a couple of days consideration that the best way to decide whether I am half empty or half full is... to avoid the issue altogether.

I need to be completely filled.
(Ephesians 5:18)


Andrew Bale said...


In order for the grumpy old man to take over he needs your permission... Don't give it!

Grace and peace, A